We have created an opportunity for you to connect with other like minded CIO's, build relationships with technology leaders in the area, and forge business relationships that will lead to new opportunities today. Elite Engagements are in a more intimate setting where you can share experiences and aspirations over fine dining and cocktails.

An intimate gathering of the region's senior IT leaders, our Elite CIO events are led by top tier CIO's and industry thought leaders. In an environment where attendees feel comfortable sharing their experiences and challenges, we're able to get to know each other on a personal level. Attendees will meet other corporate executives, learning from their perspectives and experiences, in turn providing ideas for new business ideas.

Elite B2B Events creates corporate gatherings for senior executives, combining exclusive event access with high-quality content. Through partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology solution providers and carefully curated learning, Elite B2B delivers events at scale – to ensure maximum impact on delegates’ businesses.

Elite B2B Events creates world-class events for senior business executives, combining access to the best content with an unprecedented range of premium partner opportunities.

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