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Discover fresh perspectives, build connections and join the conversation at Elite Virtuals. Get to the heart of an issue, with the luxury of time and space to explore the topic, invite further discussion and engage with like-minded peers.  Forge meaningful connections and collaborations with peers and experts in a stimulating 90-minute discussion on pressing and shared challenges. Get to the core of the issue, and inspire new ways of thinking. Our virtual roundtables bring together a group of 10 peers and experts to tackle pressing challenges in a vigorous 90-minute discussion.

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10:00 am - 11:00 am

Generative AI Discussion

How can generative AI be leveraged to automate customer conversations, design processes, and product development, and what are the potential implications for industries such as retail, utility, and manufacturing?

What are the opportunities and challenges of using generative AI in optimizing customer interactions and experiences?

How can modern enterprises achieve cost savings, efficiency gains, and improved decision-making through these applications?

How can generative AI be utilized in customer interactions, personalization, and recommendation systems, and what are the ethical considerations, data privacy concerns, and regulatory compliance issues that need to be addressed in these use cases?

What are the emerging trends and future possibilities of generative AI in enterprises, including the impact on the workforce, business models, and industry disruptions, and how can enterprises better prepare for the transformative changes brought about by this technology?

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