We create virtual boardrooms designed for like-minded peers and experts to come together to solve pressing and shared challenges. 

Our expert facilitators will draw from extensive experience using a variety of methodologies to lead a 60-minute discussion in a stimulating environment that enables you to get to the core of the issue and inspire new ways of thinking.

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Discover fresh perspectives, build connections and join the conversation at Elite Virtuals.

Get to the heart of an issue, with the luxury of time and space to explore the topic, invite further discussion and engage with like-minded peers.

Forge meaningful connections and collaborations with peers and experts in a stimulating 60-minute discussion on pressing and shared challenges.

Get to the core of the issue, and inspire new ways of thinking. Our virtual roundtables bring together a group of 10 peers and experts to tackle pressing challenges in a vigorous 60-minute discussion.

"The CIO Event in New York City was exceptional! Definitely the most value I have ever gotten from a professional organization conference. All of the details were spot on, from the personalized agenda books, to the content and presenters, to the accommodation and logistics. An unbelievable amount of work, all done with a smile"

Jason Waldman
Executive Director, Data & Analytics at Estee Lauder Companies

"Laura is a great professional with excellent event planning and coordination skills. She was wonderful in coordinating the CIO Event and made it extremely easy to attend. She went out of her way in ensuring we all got value from the conference. Networking and Brainstorming was amazing in the session and we also had fun!"

Vik Manchanda
CIO at AIG Life

"I just attended the CIO Forum in NYC that Laura helped to organize and manage. The event was well constructed and very well orchestrated. Laura clearly demonstrated her organizational and project management skills in making the event a success"

Marc Librizzi
MD at UnitedHealth Group

"Elite did a great job pulling together an event that allowed the participants to have open dialogue about current topics while also managing the vendor participation. Great event. Thanks again Elite!"

Tim FitzGerald
Head of ODRC at TIAA

"The recent CIO Event was planned and organized very well. Topics for presentations were very well aligned with the latest IT trend. Speakers and Panel's were excellent too. The whole event was planned and executed extremely well"

Trupti Parikh
CIO - EPAM Systems

"A huge thank you to all the incredible individuals we met and the Elite B2B team for making this event an unforgettable and enriching experience. We're excited about the future gatherings and the new opportunities they will present. Elite B2B Events creates phenomenal events."

Nathan Henry
VP Digital Strategy & Design at ProfitOptics

"Premier event for Tech professionals and very valuable vendors"

Jerzy Janczak
Global Director of PMO - Signify

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